About Us

Dgains Group’s real estate & hospitality projects are conceptualized under the brand of “Dgains World”.

It is well known and respected in the market for creating high quality “Nature Homes” concept encompassing Resorts, Holiday homes, weekend homes, expansive farm houses, some rare charismatic homes and residences, away from the city.

Our concepts are all very different, ranging from Nature Homes to corporate training camps, elder care, Entertainment studios and exciting mixed use schemes, offering exhilarating choices for everyone.

Dgains World is a chain of well planned, self-sufficient, high-quality “Scenic Homes” across the small & big cities of India. It is an innovative concept that provides services across the entire spectrum of hospitality and leisure. Dgains World is knitting its’ future plans which include hospitals, schools, hotels & clubs etc. Marching towards the 21st Century, Dgains World will be known for amalgamating its eco- friendly concepts within its world-class townships with more than 50% of the total land area dedicated to greenery and open spaces.

We are dedicated to sustainable development. Every project that we undertake adheres to stringent standards, ensuring that everything that we do has a positive impact on the environment and the world around us.

Our focus is to provide complete end-to-end solutions in designing theme & landscaping of projects to Dgains Group. Operating as a fully unified entity, we provide advice, expertise and a comprehensive range of services on property developments of all sizes, across India, as well as utilising key international markets.

Dgains World has conceptualised the following project verticals at Karjat, which are under various stages of development:

Elegant Exclusive Villas
A premium weekend home project spread across multiple acres of residential land with lush greenery, beautifully designed & crafted for an exhilarating experience.

Panchvati Orchards
Ideally located in the hills of Karjat, Panchvati Orchards is an initiative to produce fine quality mangoes. Other smaller produce is cashew-nuts, guava, gooseberry and black plum (jamun). The produce shall also serve the need of every home of Dgains World.

Vidarbha Organic Farming
Merely started as a hobby, Vidarbha will embrace the need of healthy food for every home within DGAINS World & Elegant and simultaneously will endeavour to reach & train the local farmers for self-reliance, poverty reduction and economic growth.

Elegant Corporate Camp
Built as a Centre to empower the employees of an organization, the camp’s motto is Leisure & Adventure with Learning, and facilitates the fullest experience of nature within a safe and peaceful environment.

Dgains Life Saga
The one-stop venue for destination weeding’s and parties; the “Life Saga” will indeed make marriages larger than one’s life saga.

Elegant Nature Resort
Lying deep in the Karjat, this estate is perched at a great height above sea levels on the hills of Kothaligad. With multiple bungalows affording dramatic 100km-long unbroken views of the mountains and surrounded by lush forests, it offers absolute privacy.

Dgains Cine City
With the vision of drawing a rich history of film production in Bollywood, this studio, when developed, will be a place for creativity and movie excellence, ideally located just 1-hour drive from Mumbai.

Dgains Elders Care
An exclusive and integrated project with all the modern amenities and facilities, right in the lap of nature at the foothills of Kothaligad. An idyllic home for parents or grandparents of those people who wish to offer them homely atmosphere with family care even when they are either staying in a different city or country or at a distant city place. It is the home for the old folks who wish to retire from bookkeeping & meetings but not from life. We strive to provide the best of facilities with compliments of medical attention as well.

Elegant Holiday Homes
A lavish bungalow project amidst the hills of Kothaligad, completely surrounded by lush green forest and waterfalls, ideally located next to the natural lake; will serve as an exclusive destination for family vacations for Fractional Owners.